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Atlas Forged Tank Wrenches

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Atlas Forged Tank Wrenches for valve stems and gas fittings

Atlas Forged Tank Wrenches are made to FIT your valve stems and gas fittings. The holes are smooth and accurately sized, the handles are larger for better leverage and they may be imprinted  if you wish.

No. 1013 Combination Wrench, 9" long, has a total of 10 openings from 7/16" to 1-1/8", including a boxed opening for B and MC Acetylene valves and a socket for Commercial Acetylene cylinders.

No. 250 T-Wrench is 6" long for Linde, P.O.L. and Pyrofax 9/32" valve stems. (.290" actual opening) Black Oxide finish.

No. 20 T-Wrench is 6" long for propane 3/8" valve stems (.390" actual opening). Black Oxide finish.

No. 10 Tank Key is 5" long for NCG, Burdette, Airco, Liquid Air and all Commercial cylinders with 3/8" valve stems. (.390" actual opening). Black Oxide finish.

No. 5 Double Ended Stamped Box Wrench is 3-1/8" long for 3/16" B and MC Acetylene valves. (.194" actual opening) Black Oxide Finish.

Imprinting is available on Models 10, 20, and 250. Minimum quantity = 250 of one model. Maximum Imprint = one line of 32 characters and spaces.

Literature         See Atlas Welding Accessories Catalog Page 121

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