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American Made Adjustable Roller Stands

Take the sweat out of pipe handling with

Atlas Adjustable Roller Stands.

You can fit, tack, rotate and weld pipe in one easy set-up. Atlas Adjustable Roller Stands are available in Hi-Roller (31" high) and Lo-Roller (24" high) models, and Table-Top roller units with brackets for mounting. These sturdy units support up to 2,500 pounds.

Precision ACME adjustment threads position the rollers to handle pipe and tube from 1/2" to 60" diameters. The rollers are adjusted from either end. Wheels always adjust to center. Four head types are available for your application... three dual wheel roller heads (steel, rubber or stainless steel) or a ball caster transfer head.

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Adjustable Pipe Roller Stand for Pipe Handling for Welders

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Dual wheel roller head (steel with non-arcing bronze bearings)

2,500 lb. capacity


   Part No. HR-601

   Part No. LR-701

   Part No. TR-501

Dual wheel roller head (rubber) 1,000 lb. capacity


   Part No. HR-603

   Part No. LR-703

   Part No. TR-503

Ball caster transfer roller head 1,000 lb. capacity


   Part No. HR-602

   Part No. LR-702

   Part No. TR-502

Dual wheel roller head (stainless) 2,500 lb. capacity


   Part No. HR-604

   Part No. LR-704

   Part No. TR-504


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