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There are about 14,000 Atlas Welding Positioners and 2,500 Atlas Pipemates in use today.

See what our customers have to say about them:

Salt Lake City, Utah - "We actually are using the Atlas Welding Positioner to help speed up our hand lapping for the barrels and valve plates on hydraulic pumps and motors. It has reduced our hand lapping time by hours and sometimes even days depending on how scored the two pieces are."

Appleton, WI - "We have been very happy with our unit." Abel Mfg. Co.

Cambridge, Ontario - "I am pleased with your welding turntable. I have used the unit a few times. I made a thick aluminum top for it out of scrap from our military contract parts. I got it machined to fit on your machine and got rings machined into it in one inch increments to add in the centering of items on top of it. I just finished timing a run of plate covers and our time has gone down from between 15-20 mins each to only 5 mins. As I experiment with heat and speed I am sure that I will kill that time as well. I should my boss and he is starting to get excited about the concept. I feel we should go to 500 lb units as this unit will only be good for covers and small units but it is demonstrating just how good it works which will sell the purchase of larger units."

Raymond, Maine - "These were pix of our first use of your weld pos... she works great!" "We do love the little guy - works like a champ!" "we`re impressed with its ease of use, and steadiness at all speeds."

Chino, California - "I am a private individual and although I rarely do welding projects these days, I do know how nice it is to have the correct equipment to do these projects when they pop up, so, after a friend of mine told me about your product, which he bought,  I thought it wise to buy one too. Even though I did not have a particular project in mind to use the turntable on, I knew eventually one would present itself. I did not have long to wait. The pictures you see are of an exhaust stack which is used on a PT-6-28 turbine engine used in an airplane called a Pilatus Porter (you may remember the plane as the one used in the film "Air America". The Drop Zone I frequent is restoring a Porter to be used for training as well as national skydiving meets here in Perris California at Perris Valley Skydiving. The part you see on the turntable is made of 321 stainless steel and has been fabricated from some of the components of the smaller PT6-20 engine to create a larger exhaust stack which will be used on the PT6-28 version of the engine which will power the plane on completion of the rebuild."

Mason, Ohio - " helps to make perfect welds."

Hanover, Massachusetts - "The unit works great."

Spartanburg,  South Carolina - "we are making is a floor drain that is made out of 316L S.S. 12 This saves us a lot of stop and go time while welding.  The guys in the shop can make one long weld around the part"

Paso Robles, California - "I bought one of your positioners for our welding area and it has been a great addition! The quality of the welds on our parts that need to be rotated is 100% better due to not having to start and stop. ...Thanks very much!"

Davenport, Iowa - "Hi, here are some pictures of the atlas positioner incorporated into our pedestal weld machine. As you can see from the resulting welds, we are very happy with the speed control and dynamic braking. Thanx for all of your help!"

Allegan, Michigan - "I'm very happy with your product."

Approximately 180,000 Atlas Chipping hammers are put into the hands of customers each year,

and we hear from them as well:

Upstate New York - "I went into my local welding supply company. (Chenango Welding, in central New York). I saw your welding products, the package  said made in USA, and GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. I was so glad to see companies still making products in the USA. Against all odds, and against the onslaught of china junk and big box store cheap tools. We run a farm in upstate New York, and believe in MADE IN AMERICA. I will ALWAYS buy your products when I can. God Bless ."

Greenwich, Connecticut - "Hi Customer Service, I have the two enclosed Long Neck Tomahawks since I broke out as a journeyman in 1972, 39 plus years! They have deslagged thousand of feet of welds. My question is can new original handles be replaced so that I can keep them after my retirement. In my opinion no tool is better than "Made in the USA". Thanking you in advance."

Then ... after receiving his "re-handled" Atlas Chipping Hammers - "I just received your shipment and I was pleasantly surprised. The hammer repairs are like new! Thank you for expediting the order request. Atlas went above and beyond any warranty issues."

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